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We honor our school's namesake, Major General James L. Day, USMC,  veterans and active duty personnel. We thank you for your service.


Military Family Social

TVUSD is hosting a military family social on February 4, from 3:00 to 4:30 at the District Office in Building 13. Come meet other military families in our district and learn about military specific resources that are available. Click the link below for more information.

Posted by: Becky Caffarel
Published: 1/23/15

Fun 2B Fit

TVUSD is working with the Temecula Valley Educators Association to promote an upcoming Community Event:  “TVEA Fun 2B Fit” on March 7, 2015 at Temecula Valley High School.  This event is open to our TVUSD staff and students and is absolutely cost free to participants.  There are events for all ages. The theme of the event is “Educators Encouraging Wellness”.  Please click the link below for more information.

Posted by: Becky Caffarel
Published: 1/22/15

LCAP Survey
Posted by: Becky Caffarel
Published: 1/21/15

Remind 101

Remind allows teachers to safely and efficiently interact with students and parents about important classroom information and school activities. We have set up a Remind 101 link for DMS ASB activities. Click the link to the right to get started.

Worried about safety? Read on -

No exchange of personal information: Remind messages are not sent from personal cell phone numbers. Students/parents who sign up to get messages through Remind will never gain access to a teacher's personal cell phone number, nor will the teacher ever have access to a student or parent’s personal information. (Students and parents opt themselves into messages, the teacher does not add them.)

One-way, broadcast messaging: All Remind messages sent must go to at least three subscribers. No teacher has the ability to communicate directly with one student. This precaution is in place to disallow any form of bullying, favoritism, or inappropriate conversation. For the same reasons, subscribers are not able to send open replies to any messages sent.

Logged communication history: A log of all messages sent are saved in the teacher's account and on our server. These messages can never be edited or deleted. This means an accurate log of communication history will always be at your fingertips should anyone question the content that you have or have not sent.

Server security: Every click, page view, and text message is handled by the Remind application, which is hosted on a cloud platform called Heroku. Their business focuses on server management, scaling and implementing security best practices. If you would like to learn more, Heroku has dedicated an entire page to explain their security provisions, all of which we automatically inherit.

Click the link to get started.

Posted by: Becky Caffarel
Published: 1/20/15

Final deadline for 8th grade Dedications is February 1st!

If you would like to personalize your 8th grade student's yearbook, the deadline for dedications is February 1st!

This is a great way to tell you child how proud you are of them, and make their yearbook extra special.

These pages are contracted out, so please see the attached file for more information.

Posted by: Allison Cooper
Published: 1/20/15

CJSF- 8th Graders: 2014-2015 Final Phase Qualifiers
Posted by: Pam Hansen
Published: 1/15/15

Attention all 7th graders! CJSF
Posted by: Pam Hansen
Published: 1/15/15

PTSA Membership Drive

Dolphins...it's time!  Our annual PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) membership drive is here and get ready for this....the competition is on... Bella Vista Middle School (BVMS) has agreed to a battle between our schools!  The principal and assistant principal of the school who has the fewest PTSA members will have to wear the winning school’s spirit shirt for the day.  We want to see BVMS administration wearing our PRIDE shirt not Mrs. Miller and Mr. Cole wearing their shirt.  We CAN do this!  We were #1 out of all secondary schools in our membership participation two years ago and even won an award that is proudly on display in the front office!  See the attached letter for details of the many perks you get with your membership.  We have already begun our weekly drawings.  The competition ends on 1/31.  Please consider supporting DMS by joining your PTSA.
 Okay DMS...IT’S ON...Let's do this!

Posted by: Becky Caffarel
Published: 12/5/14

Testing Information

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, or CAASPP, which has replaced the Standardized Testing and Reporting, or STAR Program, is the new state academic testing program. For more information about the test and procedures, please click the link below.

Posted by: Becky Caffarel
Published: 11/14/14

The Middle Years

The Middle Years is a short monthly publication that provides busy parents with practical ideas that promote school success, parent involvement, and more effective parenting.




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