CJSF- 8th Grade (2nd Phase Qualifiers) 2013-2014

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California Junior Scholarship Federation

2013-2014 8th graders 2nd phase qualifiers: APPLY for FINAL PHASE NOW!

All 7th Graders interested in applying for California Junior Scholastic Federation.

. 7th graders it is time for you to apply for the first phase of the California Junior Scholarship Federation. Each student must receive a total of 10 points or more on their first semester of 7th grade report card to qualify for this honor.  If you are able to maintain this achievement for a total of three consecutive semesters you will be honored at promotion and in your permanent records.  This is the only verification for college applications that one achieved excellent grades throughout middle school.  “A” equals three points, a “B” equals one point, P.E. grade does not count, and a student must not receive a “N” or “U” in citizenship for all subjects.  All applications due Feb. 10, 2014 to room 307

CJSF Information

CJSF recognizes academic achievement by 7th and 8th grade students. Students must apply for/renew membership after EVERY semester has ended: 1st, 2nd  7th grade semester, and 1st semester 8th grade.  Pick up an application in Room 307 or print it from this DMS web site.
 If you qualify 3 out of 3 semesters you will receive the CJSF Honors Award at Promotion.




CaliforniaJunior Scholastic Federation


7th and 8th graders




The California Junior Scholastic Federation (CJSF) was founded in 1916 for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in the middle school grades. Students who achieve membership for 3 of the 3 semesters will receive CJSF Life Honors at promotion


Students must apply at the beginning of each semester for the semester just ended. Membership lasts only one semester. Retroactive membership is not an option. Watch for announcements on morning show, daily bulletin, or newsletter.




* 10 points per semester
* A = 3 points
* B = 1 point
Extra point awarded in honors courses
(PE is not included)


* Academic grade < C
* Citizenship = N or U


Applications will be available in Counseling or Mrs. Hansen’s room 307. 


CJSF will prime students for CSF membership in high school and perhaps scholarships for college. 


PamHansen@ 698- 1338 x 1307; phansen@tvusd.k12.ca.us