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Infinite Campus Help

Web Masters - Feel free to link to these help guides for your school. Just give me a shout-out when you do. Thanks, Becky.    

     Infinite Campus Login for teachers only

     Take Attendance (document)

     Set-up Grade Book (document)

     Create Seating Chart (document)

     Create Student Groups (document)

     View Student Info including Grades from all Classes (document)

     How to Hide Assignments from the Parent Portal (document)

     How to Show All Students (document)

     Grade Calculation Options (document)

     Calculation Summary (document)

     How to Combine Explore Grades (document)

     Create a Behavior Incident Report (document)

     Post Grades (document)

     Citizenship/Work Habits/Comments (document)

     Communicate with Parents (document)

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          ZAPD Student Referral Forms

School Loop Help

How to Transition your Current Web Page to School Loop - document

Easy Start Guide - document

How to get to your Old Web Site from Home - QuickTime video

Move an Element - QuickTime video

Make a New Page - QuickTime video

Change the Name and/or Layout of the Page - QuickTime video

Upload a Picture - QuickTime video

How to Post a News Item on the DMS Homepage - document

How to Post Club/Team Meeting Dates and Times on the DMS Homepage Calendar - document

Change the Order of the Pages in the Navigation - QuickTime video

Copy/Paste from Another Source - QuickTime video

Uploading Multiple Images at Once for a Slideshow - document